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Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

A bar on the rooftop is excellent place to have an alcoholic drink and take in the view. There is a distinct atmosphere and offer a totally different feeling from typical bars. These bars typically have plenty of food and drinks too.

Magic Hour, a luxury roof that’s open year-round with sweeping perspectives of The Empire State Building and other iconic landmarks of New York City. It has a zen-like feel by its stylish decor as well as spaces for outdoor seating.

UFO Bar & Kitchen

UFO, located within Sukhumvit 11 is set to turn into one of Bangkok’s best out of this world rooftop bars. Vistro’s spin-off UFO is a futuristic restaurant offering a full-on plant-based menu.

It is a modern layout with an electric vibe and features progressive interior art including neon and spray paint drips. For a more edgy atmosphere, UFO will host resident DJs as well as guest DJs, to provide a an exciting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to the groovy atmosphere, the venue is also set to include an upscale bar that will offer a variety of wines that are natural and innovative cocktails that feature fruits, vegetables plants, flowers, and herbs. Menu will include non-alcoholic choices.

To keep up with current trends, this establishment makes its drinks and food more sustainable and eco-friendly with recyclable ingredients. It has also decided to bring its carbon footprint by 40 percent by 2023. They have also added more vegan items to the menu. It has already attracted lots of attention due to its unique design, and TikTok influencer Mari Eriksmoen posting pictures and videos from the visit via social media.

UFO Rooftop bar

The location is in the center of the street Sukhumvit 11 UFO Rooftop Bar is a revolutionary restaurant with a progressive interior design, captivating visuals, including a unique wallart through a projection system and an array of live music that features internationally and locally-based artists. The bar on top of the space offers a unique combination of natural wines and creative dishes made of plants. This guarantees the most unique experience.

This sexy, trendy, and boundary-pushing venue aims to shake up Bangkok’s nightlife scene with its fusion of futuristic vibes, trippy visuals and a menu that is vegan. A spin-off of fine dining vegan restaurant Vistro, UFO is set to launch in August. It will feature freshly brewed cocktails and chow which is just as delicious for vegetarians and vegans as it is for meat-eaters.
UFO rooftop bar

Situated on the roof of situated on top of the United Center offices this bar that is sky high gets its name from the location on the 47th level, it creates an UFO spaceship-like landing zone. This bar, though in its initial stages, is already offering a wide range of amenities including an enormous white area as well having a garden for beer and LED lights that change color as the time passes.

UFO Bar & Lounge

It is located on the top of Una Una building, UFO Bar is an intergalactic newcomer to the dining and entertainment scene in Soi 11. It’s akin to the British counterculture scene during the 1960s and bears similar name. Joe Boyd, aka Hoppy and John Hopkins founded the original club that featured lit shows and poetry readings. There were also well-known bands such as Jimi Hendrix and avant-garde artwork created by Yoko ono.

In the same way, UFO will also feature vibrant spray paint drip art, as well as neon artwork throughout the area. The space will also feature DJs from the resident and touring circuit to boost the energy of the live music scene.

The menu of cocktails at UFO is focused on fruits, vegetables, and herb cocktails, in conjunction with premium spirits. If you don’t drink alcohol, the menu includes several mocktails.

UFO offers a fun, upbeat vibe with an extensive vegan menu. It’s sure to become an excellent spot to take an evening drink or pre-dinner date.

UFO Factory

UFO Factory is a new rooftop bar in the city serving a wide range of cocktails and drinks. It also serves great food. The bar’s food menu includes vegan options, and it is a place with a distinct setting. The bar is the perfect spot for a relaxing time and to enjoy the view of Sukhumvit 11.

The location, which is in The Una Una Building is scheduled to begin operations this month. This venue will have neon lighting, spray-painted drips and spray-painted drips to create an exciting ambience. Alongside their refreshing cocktails, the bar will have DJs on the guest list for every week.

Dion Fischer, a Detroiter and lover of music, runs The UFO Factory. A former Romeo High School Student, Fischer has had a variety of positions over the course of his career. Yet, music has always been his primary focus all through. Fischer declared that he would like to establish UFO so that he could rekindle the feeling of community that he experienced in his youth. Fischer also wanted to give local artists a stage.

Hulu offers the premiere episode, which features a stunning cast which includes Jeronimo most famously as Dali. It is about the people from Ogarrio del Cobre who are determined to attract tourists in to help pay off their state debt. The town’s residents devise plans to attract tourists, but this is much easier said than executed.

It is possible to enjoy a selection of beverages at UFO Factory, including fruit and vegetables-based drinks. For snacks, there are tater-tots and a variety of other items like grilled cheese and other. Staff members are energetic as well as friendly. The pricing is affordable. Overall, the experience was positive for the majority of visitors.

UFO Factory, a new roof-top bar with the promise to be a famous nightclub is an interesting and fascinating concept. It offers a spectacular perspective of the city and a diverse mix of DJs. The owners are hoping to increase the size of their business in the near future. They’re currently open on weekends and on Fridays. They also have concerts several times per week. Also, they have a movie every Tuesday night and also karaoke on Sundays.

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