Kong: Skull Island2017

Kong Skull Island คอง มหาภัยเกาะกะโหลก

Kong: Skull Island 2017

Kong: Skull Island Two World War II fighter pilots, American pilot Hank Marlow (USA) and Gunpei Ikari (Japan) were parachuted over an island in South Pacific in 1944. They engaged in close combat until an enormous Ape threw a wrench into the fighting.

In 1973, Bill Randa, head of the U.S. government organization Monarch is planning a hunt for ancient creatures that have been discovered on Skull Island. He is recruited by an U.S. Army unit commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard, tracker and former British Special Air Service Captain James Conrad, and anti-war photographer Mason Weaver. Packard’s troops arrive on Skull Island and begin dropping seismic explosives. These explosives were created by Randa’s seismologist Houston Brooks to map the island, and also to test Brookshis Hollow Earth theory. The team is then attacked by the giant ape, scattered throughout the island. Two groups are formed between the survivors, one comprising Conrad, Weaver, Nieves Researchers, Conrad, and one of the soldiers, the other together with Randa and the other survivors. Packard seeks out the transport helicopter piloted by Major Jack Chapman, intending to use the weapons on board to kill the ape.

Conrad’s group meets local Iwi indigenous people and the older Marlow. Marlow informs the group that a giant ape, named Kong is the one who protects the island from predators which includes a subterranean race of reptiles he calls “Skullcrawlers” which were awaken from the bombing and responsible for killing Kong’s entire species, making Kong as the last of his kind. The Iwi believe that if Kong dies, a giant Skullcrawler will rise up and destroy the island. Marlow states that the two were friends Ikari when they were living together on the island. But, Ikari was murdered by the Skullcrawler in the past. As Chapman is attacked and eaten by a Skullcrawler, Conrad’s group helps Marlow complete a boat constructed from parts of Marlow’s and Ikari’s planes that were destroyed. They ride along the river, but Nieves is broken by carnivorous birds, and keep in touch with Packard’s crew. When they reunite with Packard, he insists on finding Chapman.

Marlow leads them through a massive grave full of dinosaurs and Kong’s relatives. Randa and other victims are killed by the Skullcrawler who took on Chapman to take him down. Weaver then triggers an flammable gas explosion which causes the death of the Skullcrawler. Packard is informed of the death of Chapman and plans to execute Kong and take revenge on his fallen friends. Brooks and Marlow attempt to convince Packard that killing Kong will cause the Skullcrawlers to be a raging gang. However, Packard will not accept the explanation. The two teams parted ways with Packard’s team getting the weapons out of Chapman’s chopper and setting traps for Kong in the nearby lake. Non-military personnel are returned to the boat. Conrad and Weaver meet Kong and make a decision to save Kong. Packard’s group lures Kong with their remaining seismic charges and disables Kong with a flaming napalm. Conrad, Weaver, and Marlow arrive, and after a fight, persuade all the soldiers in the group to spare Kong however Packard refuses to surrender. When the other soldiers leave, the giant Skullcrawler is seen emerging from the water, and Kong smashes Packard. The Skullcrawler fights and overpowers Kong but in the final battle, the ape emerges triumphant thanks to the humans’ help. While Kong sits in silent awe, the survivors reach the rendezvous point.

Marlow encounters his son in a pre-end credit scene. Monarch is recruited by Conrad, Weaver and detains the three in a post-credits scene. San Lin and Brooks inform them that Kong is not the only king of monsters and show archive footage of cave paintings that depict Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah. The final image depicts Godzilla as well as Ghidorah fighting.


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